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Welcome to Active Care Chiropractic. Rest assured that we can and will help you! Removing the pain, restoring the function and teaching prevention is what we are all about.


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Ryan Barnswell B.Sc. D.C. C.E.P.
Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical acupuncture provider, Certified Exercise Physiologist.


Head ShotMy name is Ryan Barnswell, and I am a practicing chiropractor and clinical acupuncture provider. I currently practice at 1920 Ellesmere road on the third floor of the professional building on the north east corner of Bellamy and Ellesmere road. I received my chiropractic education from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, the only such college in Canada. Prior to this, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from York University in Kinesiology and Health Sciences in 1999. For this reason, I have a special interest in health and lifestyle as a complement to my chiropractic training.

   My interest in chiropractic came as a result of good overall experiences with those that treated me when I was a young athlete, with many activity related injuries that required healing. I not only received the healing that I needed, but I also learned a great deal about what caused my injuries and how I would be able to prevent them in the future. My experiences have moulded the way I practice, as I not only focus on properly diagnosing and treating all ailments that fall within my scope of practice, I also aim to educate all of my patients on how to prevent their problems from reoccurring.

   My practice is aimed at treating musculo-skeletal type injuries that come as a result of things such as poor body mechanics, repetitive strain, acute trauma, motor vehicle collisions, and sports related injuries to name but a few. I also place much emphasis on maintenance care and taking care of one’s body as a whole, not just when something seems to be wrong at the time. At the Active Care Chiropractic Clinic, "we remove the pain, restore the function and teach the prevention!"

   Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the information contained on this website. I am very pleased to learn that you had an interest in learning about chiropractic care, and about how it may be of benefit to you. I hope that this website is a positive experience for you, and that it will clarified any questions, concerns or reservations that you may have had in the past. Please feel free to ask any questions pertaining to its contents, or to make an appointment at any time.


Dr. Ryan Barnswell B.Sc. D.C. C.E.P


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